Hobo Pet Hotel is here to cater to our furry friends and their families! Built in October of 2001 by Carolyn and Dr. Karl Hohenboken, D.V.M, out of the desire for a home-based business, Hobo Pet Hotel extends our love for animals by offering accommodations for dogs and cats while their families are on vacation, out of state or whatever the situation may be. Hobo Pet Hotel believes every dog or cat deserves its own special attention.


This is a family-run business that offers 32 indoor/outdoor dog runs and 9 cat cubbies. To offer extra comfort in your absence, our facility is equipped with heated floors and air conditioning to combat all weather conditions. While you're away, your furry friend will enjoy free time at least 4 times a day, outside of their run or cubby. When outside, our furry friends are never mixed and will enjoy their time leash free in our fenced areas. Our dog runs are 3 feet wide by 14 feet long, with 6 feet inside and 8 feet outside, and privacy walls on the inside portion of the run.


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